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Key Note Speaking, Team & Corporate Training

Personalized speaking and training for you, your team, and organization. 



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Dealing with an illness is not an easy. It may cause stress and feelings of hopelessness because you don't know what to do to reverse the symptoms you experience with your illness. In reality, there will always be moments we have little to no control over however, what we can always control is our mindset and our actions. 

I deliver Holistic & Integrative Health, and Well-Being speaking and training that will energize you with education and motivation to transform your lifestyle by incorporating holistic transformation principles. I have lived with lupus for over 14 years and have been able to:

  • Discovered my power over lupus

  • Learn how to use holistic principles to heal my body

  • Lose 20 lbs.

  • Reduce my lupus medication and kidney inflammation

  • Become fit

  • Control my hair loss and

  • Take control over my life, health, and well-being!

The goal is that you receive inspiration, education, and guidance on how to Discover Your Power® take steps forward to achieve your health and wellness goals, ultimately creating a life full of energy, happiness, heath, wellness, and abundance!




Creating the career you want can be critical to your happiness. Taking this path can also lead you to fulfilling your life's purpose! Having a career that gives you purposeful fulfillment is so important to your life that I encourage everyone to invest their time and efforts into create the career of their dreams! You may think it's too hard to do and think of the barriers you may encounter along this path like lack of understanding, lack of self worth, lack of motivation, lack of experience, or lack time. However, I will help you learn how you can achieve your goal of having a career of purpose that you really love!

I too was in a career that I felt wasn't aligned with who I truly am or my purpose in life. There came a point where I got tired of being unfulfilled and not being true to my life's purpose. That is when I decided to pursue my life and career as a coach and help others pursue their purpose in life too!

With career, purposeful and authentic life speaking and training you will be empowered to Discover Your Power®, encouraged, and inspired to realize your talents, pursue your passion, and learn how to live authentically to start or transition career your path to create the career and life you want!



Everyone needs some inspiration and development, especially leaders! Leaders have such a big responsibility to others and themselves to continuously lead, grow, development, and empower. A true leader adds value to others and understands the importance of this by understanding the leadership mindset.  

I have have over 14 years of coaching, human resources, and leadership experience where I have managed and directed teams of 40+ direct reports prior to leaving my corporate job to pursue my purpose full time, which is coaching. I have a passion for inspiring and helping other people who have a passion to lead others. 


With leadership speaking and training you will be inspired to Discover Your Power® and adopt a leadership mindset to help empower yourself, your team, organization, family, friends, and even community. You can also receive leadership development training based on the John Maxwell leadership learning system. This system will teach you best practices developed by John C. Maxwell who is a world renown leader, author, speaker, and teacher that you can incorporate into you everyday life.



Team work

Do you want your team to accomplish your team and organizational goals? Or do you want to empower your team to have a shared drive and ambitions?


Discover Your Power® team speaking and training is the place for you to start! Your personalized training session will help bring your team together to help focus on a shared purpose, and dedication to accomplishing organizational goals, as well as motivation and inspiration for you and your team to Discover Your Power®!

Your team will not only receive motivation and guidance on how to accomplish your team and organizational goals, as well as tools and resources to help your team make overall growth and progress.

I have managed and directed teams of 40+ to 1000+ individuals, as well as conducted team training for up to 100+ individuals. I am passionate about creating awareness and understanding for opportunities for growth and development. I want to help you transform your team and outcomes to grow to a new level.

You may also want to take advantage of the following training topics for your team:

Engagement Through Employee Development Training
•Employee Health & Wellness Training


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Lizeth Santamaria

Lizeth Santamaria

Lizeth Santamaria
Healing Lupus & Chronic Illness Through Energy Medicine

Healing Lupus & Chronic Illness Through Energy Medicine

Play Video
Lizeth Santamaria - My Journey with Lupus

Lizeth Santamaria - My Journey with Lupus

Play Video
Flow with Me

Flow with Me

Play Video
Lupus & Stress Management Through Holistic  Health & Wellness

Lupus & Stress Management Through Holistic Health & Wellness

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90 Day Diaries 🎥🎬 Coaching Experience

90 Day Diaries 🎥🎬 Coaching Experience

Play Video
Short Yoga Flow🧘🏽‍♀️ for Core Strength & Balance

Short Yoga Flow🧘🏽‍♀️ for Core Strength & Balance

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Speaking & Training

"Lizeth presents on her topics with enthusiasm and continues to make the content relevant and relatable to any audience. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her present to over a dozen different organizations within Central Florida. Lizeth has the ability to connect with any audience size and provide content that can be applied to their personal lives before leaving. She is dynamic and engaging, and allows the audience plenty of opportunities to engage in small talk to have a deeper connection with the content.

As the organizer of Florida Hospital’s Speakers Bureau, I have received many positive comments about her excellent presentation skills. Some of the consistent comments Lizeth has received from her audience include the following:

  • Dynamic presenter! Full of energy!

  • Great information for those not familiar with the topic

  • The speaker presented ideas for every level of experience

  • Passionate about her topics

I whole heartedly recommend Lizeth as a speaker for large event, small event or any size in-between! Lizeth is a ray of sunshine when she presents and truly takes the time to connect and listen to her audience. I always felt like I walked away learning something new, and more importantly felt inspired to start making positive changes!"

Lilly Graziani

Senior Manager of Business Development

Florida Hospital

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